Published on May 14, 2018
"It’s time for Ontario to be “Open for Business”
An Ontario PC Government will bring good jobs back to Ontario and make the province “Open for Business”, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford announced today.
“Under Kathleen Wynne, good jobs aren’t being created, at least not in Ontario,” said Ford. “Today, Buffalo and Niagara are bragging about all the jobs they’re taking from us, because of Kathleen Wynne’s high hydro rates, high taxes, and red tape.” 
Ford announced that an Ontario PC Government will take meaningful action to stop the bleeding of jobs across the border and bring quality jobs back home.
“We’re going to put up a big sign on the border that says ‘Ontario is open for Business'” said Ford. “Instead of picking winners and losers, we are going to lower business taxes for everyone. We are going to stabilize business hydro costs for everyone. We are going to cut red tape for everyone.”
Ford contrasted his approach with that of the current government which is ignoring the problem.
“There’s an alarm going off in this province,” said Ford. “Every few days we hear it: a factory is closing, a car parts plant is being built in Michigan instead of here, a greenhouse is going to Ohio, where hydro costs are half as much as in Ontario. I hear this alarm loud and clear. But Kathleen Wynne keeps hitting snooze.”
Ford highlighted how the Kathleen Wynne Liberal Government has failed Ontario workers during their long 15 years in power. Ford also pointed out that the NDP’s demands for more and more red tape would drive even more jobs out of the province.
“Do you want to know the difference between the Liberals and the NDP,” Ford asked. “With the Liberals, your neighbour loses their job. With the NDP, you lose yours.”
Ford concluded, “we are going to bring those good jobs back home.”